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Content is king and great is not good enough!

It's a cliche you've probably heard multiple times if you've ever embarked on any creative endeavor. This is especially true if you've been researching how to build a successful YouTube channel. Today, I'd like to have you look at this ideal from a slightly different perspective. One that I believe will set you on the path to the success you are working to achieve. 

The problem with the content is king idea is that most people have been told that the solution to all their problems is simply to create "great" content. If great content were enough to make people highly successful, I believe we'd have a lot more highly successful people in the world and on the YouTube platform. The truth is, "great content" is not enough to attract and retain a large, highly engaged audience. Especially when you consider how competitive the YouTube and the world have become with easy access to technology and information. There is an ingredient that most people miss. And that's what we want to talk about today.

To illustrate, let's imagine that you're a young lady (hang with me guys) walking the streets of New York in the summer months. You've just left work and you're on your way to meet your girlfriends for happy hour at your favorite restaurant. As you're walking to the restaurant, you encounter three gentlemen walking in the opposite direction.

The first man is handsome and is wearing a nice looking suit and tie. As you walk by, you make eye contact with him, smile, and keep walking toward your destination.

The second gentleman appears to be wearing a $2,000 Armani suit. His cuff-links match his tie and his shoes match his belt. In a word, he looks extremely dapper. As you cross paths, you both smile, say hello and continue moving toward your destinations.

The third man is very peculiar. He approaches in a yellow snake-skin suit with a red shirt, giant yellow hat and platform shoes with small fish tanks built into them. As you cross paths, you wonder, "what on Earth possessed this weirdo to come out of his house looking like a ghetto Ronald McDonald? 

Pressed for time, you continue walking briskly to your destination, with thoughts of the giant yellow clown man crowding your mind. When you arrive at happy hour, which one of the three gentlemen do you think will monopolize the conversation? Obviously, the ghetto Ronald McDonald will be a heavy focus of your conversation. But why?

The night wanes and while you and your friends are wrapping up your discussions for the evening, you notice a familiar face walking into the restaurant. At second glance you realize it's the crazy man who was previously wearing the yellow clown costume. He's dressed normally now. Filled with curiosity, you approach him to ask, "didn't I see you walking down the street earlier today in a bright yellow suit." Confused at first, he responds, "Oh yeah! I'm the owner and an actor in an acting troupe who puts on stage plays in the city to raise money to combat incurable diseases that affect small children." Maybe now he doesn't seem so crazy.

By now I'm sure you've started to piece together where I'm headed with this story. The first two gentlemen represent good and great content. They were handsome and sharply dressed, but there was nothing distinguishing about them that grabbed your attention well enough to disrupt your plans to meet with your friends. The third guy not only disrupted your thoughts, he monopolized the conversation between you and your friends at happy hour. That's because he did something to stand out from the crowd that was so dramatic that you could not ignore it. Although, at your first encounter you weren't willing to stop and engage. He certainly sparked your curiosity. Then, when you encountered him again, he engaged you with a heart-warming story such that you wanted to know more about him. 

This is all because they guy in the yellow snake-skin suit had the magic ingredient that makes the content is king formula work. He was compelling. He was compelling enough to spark your curiosity at your first encounter and he followed up with an even more compelling story the second time you met. 

So let me reiterate. It is not enough to simply make "great content." You have to learn how to make compelling content if you ever want to lay a proper foundation for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to work for you. And to make compelling content, you have to first be compelling yourself.

Starting in February, I'm going to give Alloy Seven Patreon Supporters exclusive access to a series of SEO teaching videos designed to show you how to understand and then properly implement SEO strategy and tactics. These are the tools essential to building any type of online presence whether on YouTube or otherwise. These videos will serve as my final teaching series on Alloy Seven as I transition into making more compelling content for our viewers. They are my way of saying thank you to all the viewers who've been supporting us and who will continue to support us financially. All you need to do to get access to the videos is sign up to support us on Patreon. From there I'll start releasing the videos to you in February. We'll cover topics like:

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore SEO If You Ever Want to Be Competitive on YouTube

What is Search Engine Optimization Exactly?

What Is Compelling Content and How do I Make It?

How Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Develop a Content Strategy that Focuses on Your Strengths as a Creator

Interviews with other Successful Creators

As far as me quitting Let's Plays goes, I'm quitting because of everything you've read in this article. I lack the ability to make what I believe are truly compelling Let's Play videos because, frankly...they aren't compelling to me. In this game, you have to focus on creating things you are curious about. Let's Plays don't really interest me, so I don't want to continue making them just because they are a popular way to gain viewership. Remember, you have to focus on your strengths. 

I'm quitting formal teaching videos because it's time. By the time I've completed this SEO series, I will have given you everything I believe you need to know to be successful. Remember, my goal was never to become a technical YouTube teacher, but to impact your life in a positive way. Rest assured that something really cool and inspiring will be taking the place of these technical teaching videos. I don't want you to think I'm just going to walk away from giving you content that inspires you to be the best you can as a creator and as a person. Stay tuned for updates and as excellent to each other because We...are stronger than i.

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