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Before you create a YouTube channel, ask yourself these four questions guaranteed to help you accelerate your success (or at least keep you from some of the failures most YouTubers encounter).

Before we jump into the questions to help you create a valuable YouTube channel, I want you to keep this proverb in mind: Prosperity is the accumulation of solutions to difficult problems.

What Problem does Your YouTube Videos Solve? And Why Should Your Target Audience Care?

This is the question I've seen trip up many of the YouTubers that I've helped over the years. They are usually excited to start making content, but they don't really take the time to figure out who their content is for and how to craft something that this target audience will actually care about and want to watch regularly.

By answering the question above, you will save yourself years of frustration trying to grow a channel based on your creativity alone. Your content must consider the desires of your viewers, not just your desires to express yourself.

Who's Problems Are You Working To Solve?

If you are trying to create content for everybody, you are creating content for nobody. It is absolutely vital that you focus in on a specific audience if you ever want to attract people to your work

Your audience must feel like what you are making is hand-crafted just for them. You cannot do this if you don't spend time answering the "who" question.

Is Your Market Big Enough?

Before you create your YouTube channel, you have to consider your objectives. Why are you creating this YouTube channel? To help a ton of people? To make a lot money? To become famous?

These are all fine goals. But, if you really want to achieve them, you must consider whether or not your answer to question number two will help you reach these goals.

For example, if I wanted a million subscribers to the work I do here at Alloy Seven, I would have to completely change what I'm doing. My videos are for a very specific audience of people. As such, there aren't a million people in my market that could really want what I'm creating. So, I'd either need to change my goal or change my content.

Ask this question before you create your YouTube channel so that you can know you are making the proper content to help you reach your goals.

What Does Your Audience Want Badly?

Once you've determined your target audience, you then need to immerse yourself in what these great people want and need.

If you can't answer this question, then you will probably struggle to make content that helps you grow your YouTube community the way you want to.

If you get these questions right, you will have a much easier time creating and growing a valuable YouTube channel and community.

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